Our Story

Founded in November 2019, the seeds for The Lofty Leash were planted at age 10 when my first adopted puppy ran to me with wet kisses and her tail wagging.  Immediately, I was hooked on fur friends and spent many snuggly hours studying, completing homework, playing and walking with my pet.  My entire family became enamored with my dog. 

Living in Georgia, a relatively warm climate granted me the freedom to explore the numerous pet-friendly outdoor spaces and provided me with the opportunity to observe the important roles that pets fulfill in so many lives. Not only do our furry pals provide love and affection to our family, they have become integral to persons with disabilities, public safety partners, as well as, providers of emotional support to those in health and senior adult settings.

The Lofty Leash was inspired and created as a means in which to pamper our fur friends with well crafted, thoughtfully created, handmade and curated leashes and pet accessories.  Our goal is to provide designs that personify our motto … “Where Pets Walk With Style.”

Along with the assistance of my family and with all paws on deck, it is my dream to grow and expand The Lofty Leash to the extent that we may become a viable supporter of and contributor to the pet adoption community.

Pawfully yours,
The Lofty Leash Family


The Lofty Leash - Our Story